About us

Bouwcredits is an independent construction consultancy. We are dedicated to helping our Clients with the Cost Management of multi-disciplinary and complex construction projects. Our active role in the construction process is what really defines us. We believe that co-developing by a Cost Engineer leads to better results.


Outlining realistic budgets for construction projects and facilitating an effective Cost Management process that leads to the desired result. That’s the mission Bouwcredits works on every day. In this effort we do not only consider the capital investment to be made, additionally we also endeavour to achieve ‘best value for money’ for your ambition in construction.


Bouwcredits is almost exclusively available for the business market and chooses to only offer its services to commissioning, developing and financing parties. This way we avoid conflicts of interest and can guarantee you objective advice.


Our capability to visualize construction projects in an early stage enables us to establish reliable budgets. This is achieved by the application of expert knowledge of costs created through an understanding of current prices of work and experience with scheduling and risk management. We complement this expertise with a solution-aimed attitude to realise project objectives and the ability to draft unambiguous contract documentation to avoid disputes and facilitate the effective progress of a project.

“The independent Cost Engineer is a key member of any construction team!”


By using a pragmatic and systematic approach, Bouwcredits aims to offer you insight in costs throughout the project life cycle. We offer the following solutions for the Cost Management of your construction projects:

  1. Feasibility Studies
  2. Scoping & Budgeting
  3. Cost Planning
  4. Value Engineering
  5. Procurement Advice
  6. Cost Control
  7. Cost Analysis & Feedback
  8. Due Diligence

In addition we can also offer a flexibele staffing solution on the basis of a freelance contract when you temporary need to have extra knowledge or capacity at your disposal.


Bouwcredits is a member of The Netherlands Association of Construction Economists (NVBK) and employs certified professionals. Bouwcredits also participates in the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE).

To guarantee the quality of our services, we work according generally accepted best practices and receive regular training to keep our knowledge up-to-date.


The following information is available online: