In 2013, we started helping our Clients with the Cost Management of their construction projects.

We want to be more than just consultants and like to get involved in the execution just as well to make sure a construction project is successfully completed.

‘The essence is to ensure an affordable construction project is developed that fulfils the requirements set by the Client. Successful Cost Management gives the Client confidence that risks are covered by the cost plan and that costs are controlled within approved budgets. Accordingly Cost Management is a vital part of Project Management.’

Below you find a selection of projects we have worked on recently.

Project selection

Van Vredenburch College

Client: Atlas onderwijsgroep Services: Scoping & budgeting

Tamale Teaching Hospital Ghana

Client: Simed International Services: Scoping & Budgeting Procurement Advice

Starter homes

Client: - Services: Cost Analysis & Feedback

Restoration historical building

Client: Heemkundekring Ravenstein Services: Cost Planning

Multi project campus Oss

Client: MSD Services: Scoping & Budgeting Value Engineering

Maris Statenkwartier

Client: Stichting VO Haaglanden Services: Cost Planning

Dalton The Hague

Client: Stichting VO Haaglanden Services: Cost Planning

Clínica Sagrada Esperança Angola

Client: Simed International Services: Feasibility Studies

5 star hotel Amsterdam

Client: - Services: Due diligence